Body and mind

How we can best get them to "play on the same team" even in periods
of stress, demanding relationships or other major changes in life.

The whole human


The course is based on what most people will recognize: the need to create more replenishment and fuel in periods of life where the sum of loads and demands can make us exhausted. It can simply be too much for anyone.


It can settle in the body.


Tensions and unease can influence both our sleep and mood, and can easily become a negative spiral that may also affect people around us. Our "internal environment" affects and goes beyond our external environment - and vice versa. Everything is connected in a larger whole. Everything is connected. We need knowledge to understand these connections, and to be able to identify where and how we can get more pluses and minuses in the final sum. In the courses in "Body and mind", you learn methods for this.


We are whole people, the sum of the pros and cons. Are your accounts in balance?

The whole human is the sum total of: Body, mind, diet, sleep, activity, relationships, job situation, economy 
and much, much more that together make up life.

Course teaching in practical mental training, body language,
stress physiology and inner motivation:


I hold courses where I build on my own experiences combined with education in fields such as communication, body language, mental training, diet, etc. In a down-to-earth way, I want to use my communication skills to bring lightness, humor and joy into the situation.



The courses are based on the communication between body and mind on 3 levels:


- Internal dialogue / Mental training (thoughts, memories, expectations, what you say to yourself)


- External dialogue (language; words create reality)


- Body language (movement patterns, posture, self-presentation, pose, facial expressions)




All this is linked to simple stress physiology and the fight-flight-freeze response; how the mind can create physical reactions in our body, and how the body language can communicate back to the brain and affect how the mind responds.


The aim of the courses is to create an awareness around this among the participants, and learn more about how we ourselves can influence inappropriate / automated thoughts - and behavioral patterns to become more useful to us. Increased knowledge of how body and mind work and can be used, can in turn provide greater hope, motivation and inspiration in other processes as well. The course can therefore also, if desired, be linked to specific things such as job search, self-presentation, exam pressure, return to work, sales and service, sports performance, etc.

In other words, an "instruction manual"
for head and body:

How to create lasting change?

The most important tools we have are the ones we were born with. While today there are instruction manuals included for even the simplest tools you buy, life comes, unfortunately without any kind of manual. Fortunately, we can train this interaction between mind and body through:


- Change in stress and thought patterns.

- Body language and movement training.

- Inner motivation.


Like all other training, this is also a fresh product, and the desire and choice to take responsibility for the lasting changes will come from within. From you.


My background has given me a unique competence where I can put together the knowledge about the importance of both mental training, movement and nutrition in a completely new way. They are all important individually, but together they make up so much more than just the sum of their parts.


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