Body & mind

The bridge between

Movement groups for music

The teaching of the training in relaxation and relaxation to music is tailored to both small and large groups, over short or long periods.


Price by agreement.

Top up for Body and Mind

The whole human


-  Teaching  and practical use of mental training, body language, stress physiology, communication

  and mindfulness training.

-  How we can best get body and mind to "play on the same team", so that we can function in the

   best possible way regardless of the circumstances.


-  How to "refill our batteries" during times of overload and burnout.


-  The importance of spending our energy on what we can actually influence and change; ourselves.








Teaching the interactions between body, mind, diet, sleep, activity, relationships, work situation, finances and how all this can affect us.


Training in practical methods to identify the reasons behind our struggles and what may be a way out of them.


The goal is increased knowledge, and techniques to be able to create your own experience-based change. Create increased well-being and efficiency, through better balance in life.


Price kr. 5 500 pr. participant

(The course fee presupposes that the course is booked for a minimum of 2 people, and that a suitable room with a blackboard and space for body-movement is made available.)


The price includes:

- Two half-day courses with a total duration of 8 hours.

  (Course days can be held two consecutive days, or at weekly intervals.)


For groups with more than 10 people: price by agreement.

For individuals: price NOK 12 500.


Mini course


Brief introduction to the basic knowledge of the interaction between body and mind, and how we can practically use the communication between them to create as much "fuel and flow" as possible in daily life.


Price kr. 16 500.

(The course fee presupposes that a suitable room with a blackboard and space for body-movement is

made available.)

- Duration 90 minutes.

- Unlimited number of participants.

The course is based on what most people will recognize: the need to create more replenishment and fuel in periods of life where the sum of loads and demands can make us exhausted. It can simply be too much for anyone. It can settle in the body.


For booking, contact tel / sms (+47) 98062029

My name is Ann Schifte. Ever since 1993, I have worked with both individuals and groups where I provide theoretical and practical training / teaching in the different ways we can get our body and mind to work better together. The sum of internal and external resources measured against the sum of internal and external loads. Everything in life contains both "pros" and "cons": our body, our mind, our diet, our relationship with other people, our relationship with ourselves, our body language, our movement pattern, our economy, our work situation - If there is a mismatch between these pros and cons, we can learn how to become aware of things we can influence to create changes in ourselves.


I base the course teachings on the knowledge of stress physiology, communication, body language, mental training and diet, gathered through many years of education and my own experiences. In a popular and down-to-earth way, I want to use my communication skills to bring lightness, humor and joy into the situation. There is a two-way dialogue between me and the participants, where current topics can be illuminated in more detail. In addition to teaching these techniques, and creating a theoretical understanding of how and why they work, it is important for me to create an experience about how this is used in practice.


The courses can be tailored to everything from companies and health institutions to schools and sports, and are suitable for both small and large gatherings. The common denominator is that they contain elements within stress management, inner motivation, self-esteem and body language.

"It's only when we achieve the impossible that we realize we were misinformed"

Ann Schifte

Telf: +47 980 62 029

Org. No: 981739132

Reg. in the organization NLH