My background

Due to my own personal journey over the last
three decades, I can safely claim that my base
of experience is truly unique.

I started my journey in the late 80's with three years education as a Naturopath in Biological Medicine at the Biopath School in Copenhagen. Through many more years of education in London and also, many years of illness, I have gathered my own unique knowledge and experience. In addition to the job with course training at both the specialist health service CoperioSenteret in Trondheim / Levanger, and at the work and competence center Stavne KF, I still run my private practice from 1993.











I went from being a successful natural therapist with long waiting lists in diet therapy and herbal medicine, to becoming a nursing patient suffering from disabling pain and total exhaustion. The insights gained from these difficult times is unique and not easily explained. Despite many years of experience with hundreds of patients, I became painfully aware that something was missing, because like many others, I felt unable to help myself.


Since 2008 I have discovered more mental training techniques within NLP, mindfulness and the use of body language. I realized that there could be a more all-encompassing approach than just nutritional guidance and exercise to influence my own wellbeing and balance.

"Getting what you want requires a commitment to doing whatever it takes"

This became a turning point in my life and the beginning of several years of additional education in London, gathering more of my own unique knowledge base. I learned about the mind-body connection, and how our brain and body constantly communicate with each other. Through simple techniques we can influence how they interact, and practice how to give them the best possible conditions to restore balance. The way they originally were meant to communicate.


I now join together the knowledge of the importance of mental training, movement and nutrition in a completely new way.

These subjects are all individually important, but together they make up so much more than just the sum of their parts.


The life I live today seemed unattainable for me to accomplish some years ago. Now I get to use all these experiences from my own life and also from several different disciplines to help others. At CoperioSenteret, I work in an interdisciplinary environment at the Rehabilitation Department in collaboration with specialized physiotherapists and psychologists.


Through my private practice I offer course training for use in everything from stress management, overload,
 performance pressure, motivation, self-esteem and movement training. The courses can be used for
 achieving specific goals and other areas in life, and are just as relevant regardless of whether it concerns
 ourselves as private individuals or employees. They can be used in education, sports and by companies.


For booking, contact tel / sms (+47) 98062029

Ann Schifte

Telf: +47 980 62 029

Org. No: 981739132

Reg. in the organization NLH